2013, TV Series
with: Armin Assinger, Günther Lainer

Comedy about two policemen in a small village, whose police station should be closed due to cost cuts. Refusing to accept the facts, and to justify the existence of the police post, they create their own cases.

Hart an der Grenze 2
Hart an der Grenze 2

Vampires of Vienna

2010, 3D Movie, Horror
with: Gabriele Malinauskait?, Paulius Markevicius, Igoris Zapirovas
Awards: Grand Prix, International 3D film-festival in Paris in 2010

A movie in 3D with Dolby surround sound, but no spoken words.

Vampires of Vienna

The return of the black buddha

2000, TV movie, Adventure
with: Sebastian Koch, Wolf-Dietrich Berg, Alexander Held

A valuable black Buddha statue has been stolen From a Chinese monastery. It has mythical powers, for it can foretell the near future to the one who owns it, in his dreams.

Die Rückkehr des schwarzen Buddha 1
Die Rückkehr des schwarzen Buddha 2
Die Rückkehr des schwarzen Buddha 3


1995, TV-Movie, Comedy
with: Sophie von Kessel,  Stephan Ulrich,  Hagen Mueller-Stahl

Nominated for the Adolf-Grimme award. Awarded twice as „Best TV Movie of the week“ in primetime.

Lilian, a young waitress, has inherited a restaurant in Amerika. She is quite surprised when she finds out that “Amerika” is a small village in Saxony, with less than 80 inhabitants.

Amerika 1
Amerika 2